CO2 and Cryogenic Tanks

JWI vertical, vacuum insulated CO2 and Cryogenic storage tanks are supplied complete und allow therefore a fast and easy installation on site. These tanks are supplied in the standard sizes from 6.1 to 73 tons.

JWI horizontal CO2 storage tanks are constructed in various standard sizes, ranging from 3’000 to 100’000 kg capacity of liquid CO2. These tanks are neatly arranged on a baseframe which allows an easy installation on site.

JWI transportable CO2 tanks are designed to make transporting liquid CO2 easy and efficient. They are all skid mounded.

JWI 20′ ISO tank containers for CO2 und cryogenic gases include a high quality vacuum super insulation and are supplied complete. The inner vessels are made of stainless steel and used for multipurpose transportation of CO2, N2, O2 and Ar.