CO2 Production Plants

Compact, simple to operate and maintain, JWI high performance CO2 generators run from low sulphur content diesel, kerosene or natural gas.

They are fully automatic and safely produce highest quality gaseous CO2.

Our JWI CO2 plants are compact in design and layout to make best use of space in your factory.

The design of JWI High Performance CO2 production plants has evolved from over 80 years commercial operation as a major CO2 and dry ice producer. The CO2 generators can be engineered to operate from diesel, kerosene or natural gas fuels. A dual fuel model is also available.

This flexibility allows our customers to select their most economic fuel. Plant construction is from carefully selected materials to give a good balance between plant life, strength and capital cost. Each plant is completely assembled to the agreed layout, tested to the fullest extent possible and finish painted in our factory before despatch.

JWI supplies HPA (High Performance Automatic), which include PLC with Panel View display on centralised control panel, and HPE (High Performance Economy) which include local control boxes and manual start / stop, plants. Therefore, JWI can provide the level of automation that best suits your site requirements. The gaseous CO2 generator comprises high efficiency combustor through scrubbing, scrubber tower completely in stainless steel, absorber tower, stainless steel permanganate purifier and recharging equipment, solution cooling and gas cooling elements, solution pumps, and centralised motor control centre and PLC equipped control panel, compactly arranged.

Features of JWI CO2 Production Plants:

  • Own CO2 production on demand
  • No logistic and transport costs
  • Independent CO2 supply
  • Inhouse CO2 quality control