CO2 Revert Recovery System

JWI CO2 revert recovery systems are engineered to efficiently recover the revert CO2 gas from JWI dry ice pellet and block machines which is normally lost to the atmosphere.

JWI CO2 revert recovery systems are equipped with:

  • CO2 gas balloon to provide buffer storage
  • CO2 re-compressor
  • CO2 liquefier
  • CO2 gas interconnecting pipe work
  • Allowance for liquid CO2 line from liquid storage tank (up to 10m)
  • Central distribution board and control
CO2 Revert Recovery System model RRS300


Model:                             Dry ice output:  Revert CO2 gas:                     
RRS300* 200 kg/hr 300 kg/hr
RRS440* 330 kg/hr 455 kg/hr
RRS560 370 kg/hr 560 kg/hr

* Also available with air cooling.