Refrigeration Compressors

SMC 100 single-stage reciprocating compressors

JWI SMC 100 reciprocating compressors are ideal for use in medium-size industrial and marine refrigeration installations. The well-proven Sabroe SMC 100 range consists of fifteen different models covering capacities of between 226 and 1357 m³/h swept volume at 1500 rpm maximum speed.

TCMO/TSMC two-stage reciprocating compressor

JWI TCMO/TSMC two-stage reciprocating compressors are an economical operating alternative to single-stage screw compressors. They are ideal for medium-size, low-temperature refrigeration installations focusing on heavy duty and an extended service life. The range includes eight models with capacities of 175–1283 m³/h low-pressure swept volume (at max. speed).